Women Leaders in Global Health (WLGHI) is a joint initiative by Global Health Council (GHC) and Women in Global Health. WLGHI was conceived in spring 2015 in response to the question “Why aren’t there more women represented in the highest levels of global health and what can we do about it?” with the aspiration to recognize and develop female leaders in global health through a gender equity lens.

Funds raised will be directed towards the Women Leaders in Global Health Initiative (WLGHI) to elevate and support the role of women in global health and empower women to identify and develop necessary leadership skills. WLGHI advocates for ending gender disparity in global health leadership through capacity building, mentorship and networking. Through the use of these tools, and by involving all genders, we will strengthen the global health community and magnify female leaders’ voices. 


We aim to accomplish this by establishing, expanding, and engaging our media presence and audience and conducting research at conferences and events with key global health stakeholders involved in both activities. We will bring more attention to the issues of gender disparity in the healthcare workforce and the need for parity in leadership; providing evidence-based results that highlights gender inequity and encouraging global health leaders to make advancements toward gender parity. But we can't do this on our own! A donation to the WLGHI will help us amplify women’s voices and presence to the broader global health leadership community, and ensure that those in leadership positions understand the need for gender equity in all levels of decision-making. 


Specifically, we would like to bring our message and efforts to the World Health Assembly (WHA) and Women Deliver Conference. The high concentration of global health leaders and change-makers attending these events combined with the notably low female representation at the highest leadership levels will maximize our messaging and potential engagement level. We hope to educate and engage participants and established leaders on the importance of ensuring that women are at the decision-making tables, where they can represent the voice of the other half of the world's population. These events will also focus on highlighting and developing leadership skills among young women, students and professionals to create the next generation of women leaders in global health. Through this outreach to both the current global health leadership and young women in the beginning to middle of their career, we hope to build a network of people of all genders to begin advocating for the same principles and change.


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